Being Monsters is a Beauty and the Beast story that’s not at all what you expected.

Idealistic misfit Claire chases her escaped dog through a rose hedge and discovers the hideout of a real-life Monster. In order to get her dog back, she has to confront the creature – every single day. She soon finds herself trying to unravel the mysteries surrounding the place. And attempts to get her messy life back together at the same time.

A modern fairy tale, drama and detective story about non-conformity, making difficult decisions and peaceful coexistence.

Being Monsters is a slow-paced long-format comic and will take several years to finish. So get yourselves comfy and bring a cup of tea.

You can read Being Monsters
– right here on the website (updates on Tuesdays & Fridays)
on Webtoon in English (updates on Fridays)
on Webtoon in German (updates on Fridays).


I’m Julia Beutling, an illustrator and comic artist from Berlin, Germany, and I work for publishers, companies and non-profit organizations. I always wanted to draw comics professionally, but somehow I ended up mostly doing illustration. Being Monsters enables me to slowly start living this dream, it has become my passion project.

julia.beutling [at] mailbox [dot] org


Art & story: Julia Beutling
Art assistant for chapters 1 – 3: Donghoon Kang
Art assistant for chapters 2 – 4: Marthe Rosenow
Art assistant for chapters 3 – 5 / 3D models: Keisha Ramos
Art assistant for chapters 4 – 7: Isabell Heutz-Della Vite
Art assistant for chapters 5 – 8: Greta Gauronskaite
Editorial assistant: Gerda Beuchel

Being Monsters gets ongoing support since preproduction by my very lovely Patrons ♥︎

Late preproduction / early Book 1 was funded with artist grants by

NEUSTART KULTUR Stipendienprogramm 2021

Stiftung Kulturwerk der VG Bild-Kunst

The production phase of Book 1 is funded by


die Senatsverwaltung für Kultur und Europa (Berliner Comicstipendium 2022)


Hoon – for diligent help at every time of day, valiant endurance of my perfectionism, and as Webtoon Explainer
Marthe – as engaged helping hand with much too complicated tasks, Granny Expert and open ear
Keisha – for becoming a building master and working patiently through some super complicated processes
Isabell – for being not only a helper, but a fan, and more aware of what I’m doing wrong than myself
Greta – for making complicated layouts work and fixing all those little things I did wrong in round 1
Max – as first constructive critic, General Idea Bouncer, Profanity Consultant und Awesome Tech Wiz
Bettina – as second Idea Bouncer and gardening advisor
Gerda – for very thorough revision help, a ton of good ideas and never-ceasing interest
Karo – as The Monster’s First Fan and selfless noodle package courier
Dorothea – als historical and interior architecture consultant
Loki – for the help with advertising and content warnings
Saskia – for help with fonts and web technology
Gerda, Marthe, Maxi, Miri and Karo – as immensely patient Rant Listeners

All test readers as most patient, diligent cheerleaders and indispensable helpers:
Bettina, Charlotte, Claudia, Giske, Gerda, Gunther, Karo, Keisha, Loki, Marthe, Max, Mo and Vroni

All of my Patreon supporters – for their saintly patience, their trust and the tailwind