Chapter 5 – page 2

Kapitel 5 - Seite 2

Oma manages to be an original again, even from beyond the grave :)

Oma ist sogar noch aus dem Jenseits ein Original :)

2 thoughts on “Chapter 5 – page 2

  1. I’ve posted comments here before, and pressed the “Post Comment” button where I assume they are sent to some heavenly area for you to read, but will we the readers of your comic ever see them again? Asking for a friend.

    1. Hey, I hope you get some sort of notification for this, even if I’m a year late with my answer ^^° I had unfortunately messed up the comment settings on this website, and I am just now realising that. For about 2 years now, no comments were getting through the system and I also didn’t see them at all. I’m going through the list right now, approving comments to finally show up and feeling very happy about each of them. And thank you for your many friendly words about Being Monsters, I’m super happy you like this story so much! <3

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